Luxury Hotels Do This (and why you should as well)

Have you ever walked into a luxury hotel and instantly been enveloped in a captivating aroma? That’s no coincidence. Many high-end hotels have started using signature scents to create a unique and memorable experience for their guests.

The logic behind this practice is simple yet powerful. Our sense of smell is closely linked to our emotions and memories. Certain scents have the ability to evoke positive emotions and create a sense of comfort and relaxation. By carefully selecting and diffusing a signature scent throughout their properties, luxury hotels aim to enhance the overall guest experience and leave a lasting impression.

Studies have shown that scents can have a significant impact on our mood and behavior. In fact, scent marketing has become a popular strategy in various industries, including retail and hospitality.

Try searching “air aroma” and you will find in their website that they talk a lot about scent marketing. Also, check out those luxury hotels and resorts, and big companies as their clients.

Research has found that pleasant scents can increase customer satisfaction, improve perceived product quality, and even influence purchasing decisions:

Study conducted by the Sense of Smell Institute found that a pleasant scent can increase the perception of cleanliness in a hotel environment. Guests who entered a scented hotel lobby rated the cleanliness of the space higher compared to those who entered an unscented lobby. This suggests that a carefully chosen scent can positively influence guests’ perception of the hotel’s cleanliness and overall quality.

Another study published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services found that ambient scents can affect consumers’ willingness to spend money.

The study revealed that when a pleasant scent was diffused in a retail store, customers were more likely to stay longer, browse more products, and spend more money compared to when no scent was present. This finding supports the idea that a signature scent in a luxury hotel can create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, encouraging guests to spend more time (and money) on the property.

These studies suggest that scents can have a positive impact on the hotel industry, as long as they are chosen carefully and match the hotel’s concept, location, and target market.

Luxurious hotel brands like St. Regis, Banyan Tree, and Ritz-Carlton seems to use different signature scents for different location, without ditching the main identity of the brand itself.

So, how do luxury hotels choose their signature scents? It’s a meticulous process that involves considering various factors such as the hotel’s brand identity, target demographic, and desired ambiance. Some hotels work with professional scent designers (like Air Aroma) to create a custom fragrance that aligns with their brand image and evokes the desired emotions.

Once the signature scent is selected, it is diffused strategically throughout the hotel. Common areas such as lobbies, corridors, and spa facilities are often scented to create a consistent and immersive experience for guests. The scent is usually diffused using scent diffusers or fragrance machines that disperse the fragrance evenly and consistently.

While the use of signature scents in luxury hotels may seem like a small detail, it is a powerful tool that enhances the overall guest experience. The carefully chosen scents create a sense of familiarity, comfort, and luxury, making guests feel welcomed and pampered.

If you’re unsure of what scents suitable for your hotel, or if you can’t afford to work with scent designers, you can get inspiration from these luxury brands:

  • Courtyard by Marriott: lavender, sage, basil
  • Aloft Hotel: grapefruit, orange, lemon
  • St. Regis Beijing: green tea, jasmine, bergamot
  • Banyan Tree Bangkok: lemongrass, ginger, lime
  • Shangri-La: vanilla, sandalwood, musk
  • Westin: white tea, thyme, cedarwood

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